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Agriculture: better, safer & more efficient

The future is autonomous, and the agricultural industry has an important role to play in getting there. Demographics, climate change, food waste, scarcity of natural resources, and the overall sustainability of our food systems are putting ever increasing pressure on the agricultural sector. To respond to these challenges, agriculture is looking to the future and that future is precise, efficient, and effective. Drones, robots, and other technologies are set to change the way we farm. Fixposition is here to help make all this possible. Traditional positioning systems work well in perfect conditions with good satellite reception. However, a large proportion of agricultural operations take place in areas with weak or non-existent GNSS signals. Under tree and crop canopies, moving between farm buildings and amongst other large machinery, it is performance in these numerous scenarios that determine whether a vehicle can and will be truly autonomous. Whether you operate in orchards, through greenhouses or near large silos, Fixpostion’s Vision-RTK offers centimeter-accurate precision throughout. 

Why Fixposition?

  • In allowing Fixposition to take care of your positioning requirements you can focus on your core business and do what you do best.
  • In-house development is costly and time-consuming. Fixposition offers a high-quality solution with first-class customer service that saves you time and money.
  • We continue to offer centimeter-accurate localization where others can’t. Our proprietary fusion algorithm combining RTK, IMU, and computer vision allows us to provide accurate and reliable positioning even when GNSS is weak or non-existent.
  • Easy to configure and integrate into your existing systems.
a sensor for centimeter-accurate positioning

Smart cities & autonomous building

As we look to the future, we envision cities that are smart, efficient, and sustainable. Robots and autonomous systems are fundamental building blocks to achieving this vision. From delivery to street cleaning and maintenance, urban robots will play an ever-increasing role in our cities and lives. In order to do these things and operate autonomously, these systems must know where they are at all times, requiring a robust, reliable and available positioning solution. Fixposition’s Vision-RTK allows robots to go where they couldn’t before. Our reliable and affordable solution makes autonomous systems more accessible, propelling the robot revolution forward. Traditional positioning systems work well in perfect conditions with good satellite reception. However, the reality is much more complicated. Urban canyons, underpasses, and much more, these are the realities robots encounter in urban settings and it is these various scenarios where signals might be weak, multipath, or non-existent altogether that limit the autonomy of robots. Whether you operate between skyscrapers, under bridges, or in parking garages, Fixpostion’s Vision-RTK offers centimeter-accurate precision throughout. 

Use case with Neolix

We tested our sensor at EPFL with the Neolix autonomous robot.

Our partnership with Neolix

The partnership was initiated by Neolix’s desire to operate in increasingly challenging navigational environments. The goal of the collaboration is to expand Neolix’s operational reach and to provide better service to more customers. Fixposition will provide Neolix with a localization system assisting them to navigate through more complex settings: urban canyons, under bridges and underpasses, through parking garages, and more. Neolix recognizes the possibilities for operation in new and exciting scenarios are huge, and the prospects for expanding their reach are rich and diverse; Fixposition will help to get them there.

Fixposition`s Vision-RTK testing at EPFL with Neolix

The challenge

Neolix has developed some of the world’s most functional autonomous vehicles to date, providing services such as autonomous vending, express delivery, educational services for smart campuses and much more. To perform this variety of tasks more successfully and to further increase capabilities, Neolix autonomous vehicles should be capable of continuous operation in even the most chlenging positioning environments. Fixposition provides its expertise and technology to address navigating through these challenges.

The future

Fixposition will continue to support Neolix in their mission to deliver a wide range of autonomous solutions that will drive the evolution and advancement of smart cities. With the assistance of better localization from Fixposition, Neolix can concentrate their efforts on promoting the implementation of solutions and achieving their vision: to build a new ecology of smart services; to bring a new experience of smart life. Our collaboration is only just beginning. Expect to see more soon!

The partnership

Neolix already provides customers with a wide range of services relying on world-class autonomous vehicles. In the new partnership Fixposition will provide localization services which will assist Neolix to focus on their core competencies. With the addition of Fixposition’s cutting-edge technology – the Vision-RTK – Neolix vehicles will navigate through more demanding environments and excel in a whole host of new scenarios. The culmination of this partnership will further assist Neolix to stand out amongst the competition both in terms of capabilities and services. Neolix and Fixposition have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a frame order of Fixposition’s Vision-RTK and commit to a joint effort to push the business success of both parties.

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