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Vision-RTK 2

Built for precise positioning in GNSS degraded and denied areas and places

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Industry Challenge

Lawn Mower:
Automatic with lower cost

Robot lawn mowers reduce costs while saving time and energy, contributing to their popularity for residential gardens as well as professional landscapes around building, parks, and golf courses. The current technology, often employing random- or grid-pattern navigation, has several disadvantages especially when dealing with complex lawn boundaries, islands, and large areas.

Areas are often mowed twice or missed altogether. Perimeter wires usually need to be pre-installed and maintained. Burying, and then finding and repairing a broken perimeter wire is an arduous manual process.
GNSS degrades between buildings
GNSS degrades between buildings
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Customer benefits from using Vision-RTK 2
The next generation of robot lawn mowers are employing navigation based on precise, centimeter-accurate, sensor-fusion positioning technology such as that from Fixposition. This results in faster, more uniform results even over lawns with complex geometries and islands. Lawns that are bounded by buildings or covered by tree canopies pose no problem as computer vision and inertial sensors take-over when GNSS satellite visibility is degraded.

No perimeter wire needs to be installed or maintained as the Vision-RTK 2 knows precisely where it is without one. The results: lower-cost, faster and more uniform results over challenging and complex lawns.
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