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Fixposition Newsletter - November Edition 2022

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Fixposition In a Blink 👁

Over the last six months, Fixposition further extended its number of customers and sales in its three main regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. From Q2 to Q3 we saw an increase of 143% in evaluation and sensors sales. Several more clients also moved from evaluation to design-in where the customers are integrating the Fixposition solution into their product to assess it for mass production. For background, our customers go through three main stages, evaluation, design-in and production.

The Fixposition & U-blox Partnership

Learn more about how the Fixposition and U-blox partnership is bringing more possibilities to offer reliable and precise positioning into environments that are beyond the traditional reach of GNSS signals.

Our Community is Growing!

Overall Fixposition’s brand awareness has seen a boost with 43% increase in new followers on LinkedIn and 106% increase in social interactions. We attended tradeshows in China, US and Europe boosting new interest in our solution.

Fixposition Answers Quickly 💡

Where can I find Fixposition’s GNSS transformation library and information of ROS driver? Visit our GitHub page to obtain all ROS driver information:
💬 Send us your questions to:

New Performance Test Video Series

Vineyards & Orchards

Autonomous tractors have to operate in vineyards and orchards. The tree canopies degrade the #GPS satellite signals and make it difficult for pure visual positioning to have accurate positioning & heading when the leaves move in the camera view.

Low Light - Degraded GNSS Areas

This performance test was conducted in an underground parking lot in which the Vision-RTK 2 performance clearly surpasses the accuracy positioning compared to other High - End RTK and the traditional RTK - GNSS solution.

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