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Fixposition's Vision-RTK 2 Now Supports ROS 2

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We are happy to announce the update of our Fixposition Driver! With the new update, our driver now supports both ROS1 and ROS2, making it easier for users with ROS2 systems to integrate our Vision-RTK 2 sensor.

Vision-RTK 2 is our flagship product that provides high-precision global positioning in challenging GNSS environments. Our ROS Driver allows users to read and parse the output of Vision-RTK 2 and integrates it into their autonomous system. This seamless integration helps users to better utilize the sensor in a range of applications.

In addition to ROS support, we have also structured the code to make it easier for users who do not use ROS to integrate our code into their system. Our open-source Fixposition Driver and Fixposition GNSS Transformation Library is available on GitHub. These resources allow users to easily access our code and integrate the Vision-RTK2sensor into their system.

Visit our GitHub to access our opensource driver and supporting libraries: 

·      Fixposition Driver:  

·      Fixposition GNSSTransformation Library:

If you have any questions or require support for the integration of our Vision-RTK2 sensor and the usage of the Fixposition Driver, please feel free to contact our customer support team:

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