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The Best of Fixposition in Review 2022

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2022 was a pivotal year for Fixpostion. After having raised $2M and another round of $3.95M at the end of 2021, the company released its new Vision-RTK 2 product and expanded its adoption and design-in across three continents while bringing in new talents to accelerate its growth.

1. Vision-RTK 2 Product Launch

In March Vision RTK 2 was officially launched with 2 webcasts to cover Europe, Asia, and the US. It got a great reception with 10 sensor units ordered right in the call.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Since the launch, Fixposition added 47 new customers in the sectors of Landscaping, Utility Robots, and Agriculture. Customers using the product provided positive feedback, including Charles Quinn, Co-Founder and CEO at Greenzie.

3. Fast Product Adoption

With Vision RTK2, we achieved a good product market fit as was evident with the rapid growth in sales to well over 250 units.

Photo: Fulongma cleaning vehicles powered by Pix Moving chassis and autopilot, which will enter mid-scale mass production by 2023 with Fixposition positioning sensors inside

4. Growing list of investors

During 2022, three additional investors showed their trust and commitment to Fixposition’s success. We were happy to add Amino, Serpentine, and Segway-Ninebot to our growing list of investors, in total raising an additional USD 2M.

Read Segway-Ninebot Investment Press Release

Read Serpentine Ventures, Amino Capital and MAX Electron Investment Press Release

5. Movella and Fixposition Partnership

Movella is well known for its Xsense IMU. In December Fixpostion and Movella announced a partnership to bring the Xsense Vision Navigator to the market, build on the Vision-RTK 2. This greatly extended the market reach of Vision-RTK 2. Watch this space for further developments in the new year.

6. Mass Production Speeds Up

From a handful of units in January, we are now producing a hundred units per month. The product went through extensive testing and is now also officially CE certified.

CTO and Co-Founder Lukas Meier along with Product Manager Peter Mardaleichvili during a product quality revision session.

From Our Newsroom!

Fixposition is making its mark across the media ending the year with more than 2,500 followers 👤, over 2,080 likes 👍, and 178 reposts 🔃 on LinkedIn.

International team with more than 14 different nationalities.
Participated in the most relevant trade shows around the world for autonomous robots.

We are looking forward to achieving even greater success together in 2023!

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