High Precision

Our technology is able to provide high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments. Combining satellite signals received on two or more different objects, e.g. provided by GPS, our algorithm offers you centimeter-level positioning accuracy even in obstructed environments.

High Reliability

It is important to get a reliable positioning service to be able to plan safely. Our technology achieves high reliability using our novel RTK engine. Optionally enhanced by our highly reliable, fast and low power wireless communication technique, all major components for your high precision application are in place.

Low Latency

To be able to react fast, your device needs to know its position as close to real-time as possible. Our technology provides its high precision solution with very low latency and is therefore optimized for all moving objects even deployed in high dynamic environments.

Fixposition received great exposure in several top Chinese medias, like CCTV4

CCTV screenshot

Fixposition was reported in CCTV 4 (China Central Television) 

瑞士苏振中:让无人机实现厘米级精确定位 (July 5, 2019)

Zhenzhong Su in Switzerland: Make drones achieve accuracy of centimetre level



在瑞创业的中国年轻追梦人 为无人机提供高精度的定位导航 (June 20, 2019, from People.cn)  

China's young dream chaser, a pioneer in Switzerland, provides high-precision positioning and navigation for drones



中国留学生在瑞士创业,让无人机实现厘米级精确定位   (June 14, 2019, from the Beijing News)

A Chinese student starts his own business in Switzerland and make drones achieve centimetre-level precise positioning



Yuneec昊翔H520六轴无人机集成RTK卫星导航系统  (March 29, 2019, from YouUAV.com)

Yuneec H520: Integrated RTK satellite navigation system for six-axis drones



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