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Who we are

Fixposition is enabling the mass-market adoption of autonomous solutions. Our technology expands the operational opportunities of autonomous robots and allows new players to participate in the robotic revolution.

Vision-RTK enables centimetre-exact positioning

Our mission

Precise position estimation is a notoriously complex and challenging task. While great strides have been made in the domain, highly reliable and available precise positioning has long remained elusive. This is rapidly changing, and Fixposition is playing a leading role. We are developing solutions that are accessible to organisations big and small and meet the requirements for positioning in the most challenging of settings. RTK-GNSS and visual-inertial sensing have transformed the field of mobile robotics. Following the rise of powerful embedded systems, both technologies have gradually established themselves as key components of mobile systems. The precision of RTK-GNSS and the availability of computer vision makes them a complimentary and ideally suited sensor fusion. The combination of these technologies will boost the reliability and safety of autonomous systems, while also facilitating the development of completely new robotic applications and services. Our mission is to provide reliable and easily integrable positioning solutions that help our customers boost their performance, cut their time to market and simplify their development. We are a team of GNSS specialists, computer vision experts, and sensor fusion engineers that have joined forces to build a positioning sensor that is not only precise but also compact and affordable.

The modular sensor fusion platform for the robots of tomorrow

The precision of RTK-GNSS and the availability of computer vision makes them a complimentary and ideally suited sensor fusion.

Fixposition is offering tightly integrated solutions to combine the power of multiple sensors with a state-of-the-art sensor fusion platform:

  • Satellite navigation provides a global position. Based on Real-time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS a centimeter-accurate position can then be obtained. At the same time multipath effects or signal degeneration will readily degrade this accuracy to tens of meters. We know of the difficulty to detect GNSS signal degradation and have developed a machine learning based model to assess GNSS integrity.
  • Visual sensing allows the tracking of interest points in the camera’s field of view.
  • Inertial sensing allows the measurement of changes in linear and angular acceleration, as well changes through a magnetic field.
  • Further increase the performance with additional inputs: LiDAR, wheel odometry, etc.

Increasing the reliability and expanding the availability of positioning to simplify autonomous navigation

Our sensors provide autonomous guidance systems with high-precision position information  in a multitude of challenging environments, be it urban canyons, underpasses, under tree canopies or anywhere else where traditional positioning systems fail. We are expanding the operational opportunities for autonomous robots and supporting a wide range of new use cases.

Fixposition team, Schlieren Switzerland 2020

Ph.D. Zhenzhong Su
CEO & Co-Founder

Lukas Meier CTO and Co-Founder of Fixposition

Lukas Meier
CTO & Co-Founder

Daniel Ammann Chairman of Fixposition

Daniel Ammann
Chairman, Co-Founder u-blox

Daniel Curiger COO of Fixposition

Daniel Curiger
Adviser, Managing Partner DeepTech Ventures

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