Increasing the reliability and expanding the availability of positioning to simplify autonomous navigation.

Fixposition Vision-RTK sensor for centimetre-accurate positioning

Why Fixposition?

A sensor fusion solution that offers simple access to precise global positioning anytime, anywhere. 

  • Fixposition’s expertise in GNSS positioning and computer vision has allowed us to develop our class-leading positioning system that enables centimeter-accurate positioning and the ability to remain operational in challenging environments that would otherwise impede the function of autonomous systems. Whether it’s through urban canyons, underpasses, under canopies, or anywhere else, we provide navigation systems with the confidence to keep moving forward.
  • By letting us take care of localization, our customers can focus on their core business and develop products that achieve a new level of autonomy and reliability. 
GNSS denied and challenged areas

Centimeter-accurate positioning enabled by our sensor fusion technology.

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HuaweiTrusted by RobsenseTrusted by Yuneec

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