Fixposition at FIRA - World Ag Robotics Forum 2023 - Live Demos On Request

Meet our team and reserve a live demo:
Our Fixposition team will be attending the World Ag Robotics Forum (FIRA) in Toulouse, France from February 7th to 9th. The event, which is in its 7th edition, will bring together farmers, start-ups, innovators, researchers, and students to showcase the latest advancements in the field of agriculture robotics.

As the global market for agricultural robots is estimated to reach 35 billion by 2030, with 9.3 billion robots already in use worldwide, the organizers of World FIRA 2023 aim to bring farmers and innovators together to address the challenges faced in agriculture, including a scarce workforce, agronomic difficulties and a desire to improve productivity and environmental impact.

At the event, Fixposition AG will be showcasing the benefits of their positioning solution, with a schedule for demos for interested attendees. Those who would like to schedule a demo can simply send a request to The Fixposition AG team, including Lourenço Soma and Arnau Ochoa Bañuelos, will be available for any questions and discussions in advance.
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