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Fixposition's Vision-RTK 2 Now Ready for Online Orders in the US

We are thrilled to announce that US customers can now purchase Fixposition’s products through Fixposition’s online store.

We are thrilled to announce that US customers can now purchase Fixposition’s products through Fixposition’s online store

Available products: 

Vision-RTK 2 Starter Kit 

Vision-RTK 2 Starter Kit with Topnet Live RTK Correction Services 

Supported payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Union Pay. 

Shipping time: 3 to 5 days (please note delivery times can vary depending on the destination).

For volume orders please contact us at:

What sets apart the Vision-RTK 2? 

The Vision-RTK 2 stands for the pinnacle of precise global positioning with its innovative sensor fusion solution made in Switzerland.  

  • Global Precision Everywhere: The Vision-RTK 2 provides real-time, high-accuracy global position and orientation data in both open-field and GNSS-degraded/denied environments. It expands GPS-based applications to navigate where it wasn't possible before. 
  • Elimination of Time-Dependent Drift: Unlike other systems, the Vision-RTK 2 does not suffer from time-dependent drift in GNSS-denied environments. Instead, it exhibits only distance-dependent drift, offering superior performance for low-speed autonomous vehicles, such as autonomous tractors working in orchard settings. 
  • Industry-Proven Technology: With endorsement from over 70 robot and vehicle OEMs globally including manufacturers of zero-turn lawn mowers, agricultural robots and vehicles, road sweepers, and autonomy solution providers our technology stands as a benchmark for reliability and trust. 
  • Streamlined Integration and Deployment: Our system includes a user-friendly dashboard, standard industry connectors, ROS drivers, and comprehensive customer support, all designed to facilitate swift and seamless system integration and deployment. 
  • Comprehensive Support from Development to Production: Starting with the Vision-RTK 2 Starter Kit for initial technology evaluation, we offer full support through to mass production, including sensor and system-on-module solutions tailored for large-scale deployment. 

     For more technical information visit our FAQ section 

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