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Agtonomy Selects Fixposition To Be Integrated Into its TeleFarmer™ Technology Solution

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Agtonomy, an ag-tech software start-up, has been working with Fixposition to integrate Fixposition’s leading Vision Fusion Technology to provide an element of its precise global positioning solution in its TeleFarmer™ solution. Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer™ solution is comprised of innovative software, a suite of apps, and an electric vehicle (EV) reference tractor. By utilizing Fixposition as one of its localization sensors, Agtonomy is able to achieve even more reliable and more efficient performance in how it knows the position of the ag vehicles it controls. In partnership, both companies will be working closely together to further enhance value-adding solutions in ag-tech and positioning.

Tim Bucher, CEO of Agtonomy, said: “Fixposition’s offering allowed us to accelerate development and extend our field of operation at a very good price-performance ratio, specifically as it provides performance on par with other high-end RTK-INS systems”.

Zhenzhong Su, CEO of Fixposition, added: “We are excited to work with Agtonomy. They provide a sustainable and versatile autonomous platform for agriculture addressing the global need for more efficient food production. They are a great partner for us as with the Vision-RTK 2 solution we can enable better localization of their vehicles and continuously innovate from our joint learning in the field.”

About Agtonomy: Agtonomy, based in South San Francisco and Sonoma County, is a hybrid autonomy and tele-guidance service platform with the venture backing of GV, Toyota Ventures, Grit Ventures, Flybridge, Momenta, Village Global, Cavallo Ventures, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and many other prestigious investors. The platform will give local agriculture and land maintenance operators the ability to solve the skilled labor shortage with autonomous equipment and greatly increase their efficiency. The executive team consists of veterans from the AI, EV, cloud service, and agriculture industries with extensive experience at companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, CNH Industrial, Microsoft, Uber, and Kittyhawk, as well as lifelong farming experience at Northern California agriculture operations such as Trattore Farms.

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Brooke Brown, Director of Marketing
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About Fixposition: Fixposition is a Swiss company developing high-precision global positioning solutions, combing computer vision techniques and satellite navigation to deliver accuracy in open-field and in GNSS challenging environments. The technology is a key enabler for the mass-market adoption of autonomous solutions. Fixposition provides “Precise Global Position Everywhere”.

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Adriana Najera, Marketing
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