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Fixposition Insights and News - February Recap

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Agtonomy Selects Fixposition to be Integrated Into Its TeleFarmer™ Technology Solution

“Fixposition’s offering allowed us to accelerate development and extend our field of operation at a very good price-performance ratio, specifically as it provides performance on par with other high end RTK-INS systems” Tim Bucher, CEO at Agtonomy
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Welcome to the Team Ulf Claesson!

"With its leading positioning solution, Fixposition is well placed to set a new standard for precise positioning, enabling true autonomy, and I am proud to be part of this going forward.” Ulf Claesson, Independent Chairman at Fixposition
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Product Updates

At Fixposition we are committed to ensure quality in every part of the process. With the new packaging we protect the product so it will arrive at the customer in great shape.

We Now Support ROS 1 and ROS 2

Visit our GitHub to access our opensource driver and supporting libraries:
👉 Fixposition Driver

👉 Fixposition GNSS Transformation Library

Our Participation at International Tradeshows

World FIRA - Toulouse, France

"At the FIRA event, it was wonderful to see great autonomous robots and their application in a very critical industry. Moreover, it emphasized the pertinency of our solution when looking at democratizing precise positioning for all autonomous robots. Certainly amazing to see how close the future is, and the role we play”. Lourenço Soma, Business Development at Fixposition

World Ag Expo - Tulare, California

"Our visit to World Ag Expo in Tulare CA gave us key insights into the diverse use cases in the AG industry. It was great to see all the most important players of the industry in one place, which sparked discussions on what problems to solve and enabled doing spontaneous testing in the various orchards all around the trade show area." Lukas Meier, Co-Founder and CTO at Fixposition

Off-Highway Autonomous Machinery Summit - Berlin, Germany

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