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MYBOTSHOP Offering the Fixposition Vision-RTK 2 Solution

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MYBOTSHOP and Fixposition started 2023 with a new distribution agreement. MYBOTSHOP will be offering the Fixposition sensor unit to its education and research focused clients based in Europe. During his visit to the Fixposition office, Daniel Kottlarz, CEO, spoke with Lourenco Soma from Fixposition.  

How did you learn about Fixposition and what sparked your interest to distribute our Vision-RTK 2 solution?

I've heard about Fixposition from someone I know from Switzerland. They had already used the Vision-RTK 2 solution and were “crazily amazed” about it. It was a no-brainer for us to give it a try. In 2022 we actually bought the Starter Kit which convinced us to become a distributor.

You have a strong relationship with educational institutes around Europe. How can they benefit from the Vision-RTK 2 solution in general?

Usually, universities are specialized in a particular area, but they do not want to reinvent the wheel. They would like to use the best of what is already available on the market at the right price point, i.e. Fixposition for precise positioning. This allows them to focus on their research.

How do you see the distribution corporation developing? Do you have any plan on how and to whom you will sell the sensors?

What we would like to do is generate direct customers and customers coming out of the research projects who would buy moderate number of the Fixposition sensors. For example, the research teams at automotive companies, focused on goods transportation, may build, eg 10 unmanned vehicles themselves, will need a solution for positioning. MYBOTSHOP would be well-positioned to deliver the Vision-RTK 2 solution to them. That would be the point in time where, I would say, we are generating a benefit by helping them integrate positioning technology and making their system more reliable.

For MYBOTSHOP what will be the unique selling proposition of the Vision-RTK 2 to educational institutions?

Proof that the Fixposition solution works! We will put our Vision-RTK 2 evaluation unit on our quadruped robot moving autonomously. This will showcase the solution in use and allows us to observe the results. Usually, we provide our demo units for trail so the customers can check on their own how good the performance is.

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