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Sixents Technology and Fixposition AG launch strategic cooperation in China

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Beijing, People’s Republic of China - May 25th, 2023

Sixents Technology and Fixposition AG have officially announced their strategic partnership in China. Sixents Technology, an expert provider of GNSS high-precision positioning services, and Fixposition, a Swiss supplier of high-precision positioning sensors, have joined forces to offer customers the Vision-RTK 2 a one-stop solution for RTK centimeter-level high-precision positioning. This service aims to simplify the utilization of global high-precision positioning technology in all scenarios and benefit a broader range of industries.

Both Sixents Technology and Fixposition have firmly established themselves as pioneers within their respective domains. Their products and technologies, which occupy critical positions in the positioning technology industry's value chain, present a compelling synergy.

Sixents Technologies has constructed approximately 3,000 CORS (Continuous Operational Reference System) stations nationwide in China, giving rise to a comprehensive ground-based integrated network. The reference stations, within this network, will transmit the received raw data to the Sixents cloud service platform. Subject to rigorous analysis and calculations, a premium RTK high-precision positioning service is delivered to Fixposition's Vision-RTK 2 users, enabling them to attain centimeter-level RTK positioning initialization in open landscapes.

Fixposition is known for its innovative multi-source sensor data deep fusion technology. With deep integration of vision, inertial navigation, and GNSS, this technology achieves global high-precision positioning across all scenarios. It expands the capabilities of GNSS positioning from open fields to environments such as urban canyons, farms, parks, which are typically vulnerable to satellite or communication signal interference. Moreover, it enables effortless transition between outdoor and indoor Fixposition's Vision-RTK 2 sensor products have received widespread acclaim, and they are now employed in autonomous applications, including autonomous lawnmowers, sweeping robots, and agricultural robots. Fixposition is poised to continue its trailblazing innovations, diversify its product portfolio, further develop its indoor positioning capabilities, and accurately empower future-centric industries, such as precision agriculture, smart logistics, and landscaping, among others.  

Zhenzhong Su, co-founder and CEO of Fixposition, commented, "Sixents Technology stands as one of China's most pervasive, extensive, and high-quality service providers. The integration of its RTK correction service with Fixposition's multi-sensor deep fusion positioning products will enable high-precision global positioning to serve a broader array of application scenarios. This alliance will offer solutions to autonomous devices operating in complex environments, where satellite signals are susceptible to interference."
Jin Shuixiang, CEO of Sixents Technology, said: "Sixents Technology remains committed to advancing research in high-precision positioning services, with the goal of driving the development progress of multiple industries. The deep integration of vision and RTK technology by Fixposition can effectively widen the application scenarios of high-precision GNSS positioning. It's truly exhilarating to witness this innovative technology propelling automation, and we're eager to collaborate to make precise positioning a universal reality."

Aiming to provide users with a more complete and user-friendly service, the Vision-RTK 2 positioning sensor has now been integrated into Sixents Technology's online store. This significant strategic move by Fixposition is set to leverage Sixents Technologies' nationwide position to consolidate its foothold in the Chinese market and amplify brand visibility. Each sensor will be equipped with a centimeter-level high-precision positioning account by Sixents Technology, allowing users to enjoy a 7-day free trial.

About Sixents Technology:

Beijing Sixents Technology Co., Ltd. was incubated from NavInfo in 2018, under the aegis of China Telecom and China Net Investment, and collaborates with industry leaders such as Hong Xinyuan, Anhui Voice Fund, Saixing, Southern Industry, and Beidoutong. The company specializes in providing high-precision positioning products and services. Leveraging the principle of virtual reference station technology,  

Sixents Technology has rapidly erected around 3,000 CORS stations nationwide, creating a ground-based integrated network that spans the entire country. This network receives real-time signals from the Beidou (BDS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Galileo, GLONASS, and quasi-zenith (QZSS) satellite navigation and positioning systems. Through the observation data, the cloud solution center calculates various spatial errors and dispatches differential correction data to the positioning terminal. Ultimately, using the proprietary terminal RTK algorithm and combined navigation algorithm, it procures high-precision positioning results. With its integrated “network-cloud-end” solution, Sixents Technology offers its vast user base all-weather, real-time centimeter-level high-precision positioning services across five systems and 16 frequency points.

Committed to its vision of open cooperation with industry partners to collectively cultivate a high-precision positioning ecosystem, Sixents Technology seeks to empower intelligent driving and smart city applications with high-precision positioning services, thereby facilitating the Internet of Everything with precise positioning.

About Fixposition AG:

A spin-off from ETH Zurich and a participant in the European Space Agency's Swiss Business Incubation Program, Fixposition boasts a team of elite scientific and technological innovators from ETH Zurich, alongside senior engineers and industry experts from leading positioning and navigation companies. Established in Zurich, Switzerland, in August 2017, Fixposition supplies sensors and solutions for full-scene global high-precision positioning to industries such as agriculture, sanitation, lawnmowing robots, and vehicle manufacturers. Recognized as a top innovative technology company, Fixposition has successfully procured investments from eminent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, authoritative industry experts in the field of positioning and navigation, and prominent robot manufacturers, including True Ventures, Miracle Plus (led by former Baidu COO Dr. Qi Lu), and Ninebot. Presently, Fixposition's products have been adopted by over 50 robot manufacturers worldwide and have signed cooperative sales contracts among others.

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