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Power cable

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Benchmark performance for your use case
Includes everything for a quick start
5 Minutes quick set up, with good documentation
Including two 60-minute support calls with application engineer
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Enabling precise global positioning everywhere

Our deep sensor fusion technology provides precise global positioning anytime, anywhere

Industry Standard Connectors

Compact and lightweight

Swiss Made

Including the following content

Mounting system
Mounting system

3 Suction cup mounts, 1 aluminum plate, 2 GNSS SMA cables, screws.

Wi-Fi antenna
Wi-Fi antenna

1 Wi-Fi antenna (2.4 and 5 GHz)

GNSS antenna
GNSS antenna

2 Helix high precision GNSS antenna


Length × width × height
65 × 72 × 17 mm
49 g
Length × width × height
114 x 130 × 100 mm
420 g
Environmental specifications
Operating and storage temperature
-35 °C to +85 °C

Vision-RTK 2: Deep sensor fusion technology

2 multi-band RTK  GNSS receivers
Sensor output
Sensor fusion
Visual odometry

A quick start for testing and evaluation!

Benchmark performance for your use case.
Out-of-the-box solution to get started with ease
5-minute setup with comprehensive documentation
Including two 60-minute support calls with application engineer

Frequently asked Questions and answers

Where can I find Fixposition’s GNSS transformation library and information of ROS driver?

Please visit our GitHub page for all information:



If I select Fixposition’s solution, what journey can I expect?

Evaluation stage 

    We will work with you to study your application, hardware, software platform, and specific requirements. You can use your Starter Kit to evaluate our positioning sensor in your application environment. We will provide you with a platform to upload your data to be reviewed by our engineers and help us support you. 

    Design-in stage 

      Our off-the-shelf solution is plug-and-play, thanks to our compliance with industry-standard interfaces and protocols. We can adapt our hardware and software to your application requirements for high-volume sales. Once our sensor is integrated, we will work with you to optimize performance via fine-tuning. 

      After-sales support 

        After your solution goes into production, we offer continued software updates to ensure your product is up to date. As your product matures, we would be pleased to work with you to support feature requests and your evolving needs. 

        What is the difference between Vision-RTK 2 and other positioning products?

        Vision-RTK 2 combines the best of global positioning (enabled by GNSS) and relative positioning (VIO). 
        We have developed state-of-the-art sensor fusion technology to overcome weaknesses in individual sensors and provide high-precision position information in all environments. Our technology removes the time-dependent drift characteristics that are typical of solutions that solely rely on inertial measurement units (IMU) for dead reckoning.

        We have developed a unique technique that delivers a more robust and precise solution than the typical Kalman filter-based approaches used by other solutions on the market. 

        Our solution is easily integrable into a variety of robots with the ability to take further sensors as input as they become available.

        In what type of applications have your customers deployed the Vision-RTK 2?

        All forms of autonomous solutions including:  

        - Autonomous shuttles.

        - Small/medium-sized robots used for delivery, patrolling, rescue, and cleaning.

        - Robot lawnmowers.

        - Agricultural robots such as tractors, harvesters, planters, and sprayers.

        - Small high-volume agricultural robots.

        Beyond the Vision-RTK 2 sensor, what else do I need?

        - An internet connection.
        - A third-party RTK correction data subscription (NTRIP) (request more details about our bundle options with Topcon by sending an email to
        - Optionally: wheel tick sensor input.

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        • Plug and play solution: Fully configured and calibrated to start evaluation immediately
        • All inclusive: Includes antennas, cables ,and batteries needed for full operation
        • Open source ROS 1/ROS 2 drivers for easy integration and adaption to your system