High Precision

Our technology is able to provide high precision self-localization of any object in all outdoor environments. Combining satellite signals received on two or more different objects, e.g. provided by GPS, our algorithm offers you centimeter-level positioning accuracy even in obstructed environments.

High Reliability

It is important to get a reliable positioning service to be able to plan safely. Our technology achieves high reliability using our novel RTK engine. Optionally enhanced by our highly reliable, fast and low power wireless communication technique, all major components for your high precision application are in place.

Low Latency

To be able to react fast, your device needs to know its position as close to real-time as possible. Our technology provides its high precision solution with very low latency and is therefore optimized for all moving objects even deployed in high dynamic environments.

Normal satellite navigation sensors are not reliable enough

Their accuracy degrades severely in cities or forests
where satellite signals are interfered or blocked.

Our GNSS Sensors allow manufacturers of autonomous drones,
cars, shuttles and delivery robots to sell their products
for usage in all outdoor environments, where it was too risky to operate before.

The NAV-RTK system is open for order. Please write to sales@fixposition.com

Our Asia distributor: Robsense (bd@robsense.com)





NAV-RTK System - Operational Manual in English and Chinese
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If you or your company are in Switzerland, please contact sales@fixposition.com for further information about the H520 RTK



Current Customers

Product Q&A


  1. Why the sensor does not startup properly (e.g. the LED is less bright as a ordinary startup)?
    When powering Fixposition sensors, make sure that the power source is capable of delivering a peak current of 750mAh, some PC USB Ports are limited to 500 mAh. If the max current of the power source is too low, it is possible that the sensor gets stuck while booting and the power LED will only be very low in brightness. In this case look for a better power source and reboot the sensor.

RTK base station

  1. Why the Fixposition RTK base station takes long to start sending corrections to the RTK rover?
    Please always put the Fixposition RTK base station in a field has an open sky view and avoid trees, buildings or any other obstacles or reflecting surfaces to the GNSS satellite signals.